Stem cells are very special cells that could be the key to providing radical new treatments for some our major illnesses. Recently President Obama reversed an executive order originated by President George W. Bush that prohibited the use of Federal (taxpayer) money from funding any embryonic stem cell research that used new lines of embryos. It did not stop Federal funding of research on embryonic stem cell research on existing lines of embryos nor did it stop funding for research using adult stem cells. Also it was never illegal to privately fund embryonic stem cell research.
The Research Is Too Promising To Be Stopped
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  • The benefits of embryonic stem cell research has such great potential, that it outweighs the ethical issues.
  • Embryonic stem cell research could lead to cures for Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Huntingtons, cancers, heart disease, birth defects, spinal cord injuries and replacement of damaged organs.
  • Embryonic stems cells are more flexible and are easier to reprogram to form other tissue types than adult stem cells.
  • Embryonic stem cell lines are potentially immortal. One embryonic stem cell line could potentially provide an endless supply of cells with defined characteristics.
  • If someone is going to have an abortion, isn't better that we use the aborted embryos or left over embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics for something useful?
  • The research would provide great insights about the basics of the body.
  • Is it not also immoral to not try to help a suffering living person who has a condition that could be cured with the aid of embryonic stem cells.
  •  We stand to fall behind other countries do not have the same restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.
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It Is Immoral To Use Embryos In This Manner
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  • The research involving "new line" embryonic stem cells involves the destruction of a developing life and is immoral. Taxpayers with moral objections to this research should not be forced to help fund it.
  • Embryonic stem cells have been found to promote tumor growth.
  • Embryonic stem cells from a random door are likely to be rejected after transplantation whereas adult stem cells are derived from the recipients do not have this problem.
  • The use of adult-derived stem cells has been demonstrated to be far more effective for treatment of different diseases in animal studies and do not involve the destruction of a human life.
  • The funding issue is more of a "red-herring". Even though private embryonic stem cell research has been legal, most private research has viewed adult stem cell research as more promising.
  • Embryonic stem cell research could lead to knowledge on how to clone humans. This is a slippery slope we should avoid.
  • There are many sources of stem cells that do not cross the ethical threshold such as adult, umbilical and placental.