The Theory of Evolution first proposed by Charles Darwin in the "Origin of Species" published in 1859 has been controversial ever since it was published. At first, the traditional Christians viewed the theory as heresy against the teachings of the Bible and sought to prevent it from being taught in schools. Now, most schools only teach evolution and prohibit the teaching of any alternate explanations or even questioning it.
Evolution Is A Fact Just Like Gravity
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  • The Darwinian theory of evolution has withstood the test of time and thousands of scientific experiments; nothing has disproved it since it was proposed more than 150 years ago.
  • The fossil record shows that life started off simple and gradually became more complex, just as the theory of evolution would predict.
  • The universality of using DNA and RNA as the basis of all life and number of common genes shared by life forms is proof that we all share a common ancestor.
  • The common structures (eyes, ears etc.)  between species also points to a common ancestor via evolution.
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The Theory of Evolution Has Major Holes.
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  • Although evolution within a species has been scientifically proven many times, the evolution of one complex species from another is where the scientific proof is lacking.
  • It is ironic that basis for Darwinian evolutionists is their faith in that random mutations can create two compatible mating specimens of a new complex species without scientists ever actually observing the natural creation of new complex species.
  • Darwin's theory assumes that one species evolved from another. They can not explain or show how single molecules of DNA, RNA or protein came about naturally.
  • Evolution also has trouble explaining how the first self-replicating cell formed.
  • There exists numerous complex organs that could not have been formed by "numerous successive, slight modifications" that is the basis of Darwin's theory. These organs are known as "irreducibly complex system" since they have multiple parts that only work when all parts exist but the individual parts by themselves, provide no biological advantage that would promote their development.
  • When the mathematical laws of probability are applied to the know facts of biology, the odds against the incredible, organized complexity of our biological world evolving through blind chance, plus time, are mathematically impossible.
  • The fossil record shows sudden, inexplicable appearance of a wide variety of both simple and  complex life-forms. If evolution were true, there would be very gradual increases in both numbers and complexity.
  • The evolutionist argument that our similar biology and structures does not prove evolution through chance.