We believe that most of people are so busy with their regular life that it is hard to stay truly informed on the many issues that face our society. We depend on newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, friends and relatives to help inform us. However, often the information is biased and/or incomplete. Other times information is provided without the context that allows you to truly understand what it really means. And lastly sometimes the information is just flat wrong and goes unchallenged. We have divided our site into three sections. Each section attempts to address a deficiency we have observed in NEWS coverage. Our goal is to become an information resource that helps you to clearly see and understand the whole picture.

In our Shootout section we will present the pros and cons in a bullet format that will allow you to quickly see a summary of all the arguments with the goal of helping you to form an opinion based on equally biased information. We will as required, include links with the bullets to allow more detailed explanations as well as links to rebuttals, all without needing to turn down the volume of TV.

Our Family Perspective section is prompted by the lack of perspective provided when most financial information is presented in terms of millions or billions of dollars. For the vast majority of us, we tend to think that money must be from someone else because we do not have  millions or billions. We contend that a portion of that money collected or spend by government was done for your family.  We chose to use the "family" (households) as the basis because most people think in terms of their family income and their family expenses. We also believe that even non-government data can be expressed in a "per family" basis because most business is conducted to ultimately fulfill wants or needs of average families.  It is felt that by providing data in this context, that it will have more meaning to you, will help you form more informed opinions.

In our 1960Today section, we are attempting to help you understand and quantify the trends that have occurred over time that are not necessarily noticeable from one year to another. We will normally use the year 1960 as a standard because it was the starting point of massive changes in American society. To make financial comparisons, we will use the Consumer Price Index to adjust dollar values to today's numbers. Again we hope the information will help you understand the changes that are occurring in the world we live in.

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Roger Ansted; Editor

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