Our Family Perspective section is prompted by the lack of perspective provided when most financial information is presented in terms of millions, billions or trillions of dollars. For the vast majority of us, we tend to think of that money as not ours. It must be from someone else because we do not have millions or billions. We, at ClearPictureonline.com, instead contend that a portion of that money collected by government was for your family and your family has a stake in its use.

We chose to use the family as the basis because most people think in terms of their family income and their family expenses and not on a per person basis within their family. When we use the word "family" we are actually using the U.S. Census Department's definition for "households". It is our opinion that, due to their shared shelter, even non-family based households will have a tendency to view their financials as combined similar to a traditional family.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, our population is currently estimated to be 304,059,093. Using their 2000 average of 2.67 persons per household, we estimate the current number of households as: 113,879,801.

At times we will also present corporate, industry group and other non-governmental data in a per family basis. We feel that all the economic activity geared toward providing goods and services for the US is done either directly or indirectly for the benefit of our "average" family.
It is our hope that by providing the financial data in a "per family" basis will ultimately provide you with a perspective that will better guide you when you form opinions.

Roger Ansted; Editor

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