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Our 1960Today section is intended to highlight the major trends that are occurring in the US. It is very difficult to notice trends when comparing one month to another. It is even hard to spot trends when comparing one year compared to the previous year. The trends can be seen clearly when data, decades apart, is compared. Even though many of the products or services have changed over time, we will try to present the comparisons in a fair and clear manner that highlights the changes.

There is nothing magical about the year 1960 but it seems to be a dividing point between "simpler" times and the times we currently live in. Television was just becoming common. Computers, cell phones video games and the Internet were non-existent. We were just starting to explore space and plastics were in the process of replacing wood. In 1960, the milk man still delivered milk and some doctors still even made house calls. Most households were the traditional two parent family with only one parent working outside the home.

The financial data we present is this section will show both the actual cost at the time as well as the Consumer Price Index adjusted price in today's dollars. Our calculations will show that the CPI has increased by a 695% since 1960. Or in other words, due to price inflation, what $1.00 would purchase in 1960 now requires $6.95 to buy the equivalent item. It is our hope that by providing a glimpse back into 1960, that this perspective will give you a better understanding of how life has changed since then. This information will hopefully will help guide your opinions on public issues that encourage what you believe are the good changes and to reverse the trends you perceive to be bad.
Roger Ansted; Editor

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